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Project Description
This sample will help you build great looking and touch-enabled user interfaces for Windows Mobile and Windows phone (using compact framework).

The framework supports the following features:
  • Be able to do whatever I want (i.e. no graphical restrictions)
  • Run on all devices with WinMo5 or later (incl. WinPhone 6.5)
  • Run on all touch and non-touch devices
  • No dependency of third-party products (Resco, miraByte, etc) or even libraries (GapiDraw, etc)
  • No multi-form problems (task switching, etc)
  • Support for any resolutions (from 176 x 220 all the way to 480 x 800)
  • Support for any orientation (portrait / landscape)
  • Soft (kinetics) scrolling with a finger (multi-touch is simple not possible with the current hardware)
  • List item selection (with highlight coloring according to current theme)
  • Form switching animations (left / right)
  • Ability to recognize simple gestures
  • Pure managed code (based on CF 3.5)
  • All of the above with with a single code and executable!
  • Easy to understand and use (i.e. few lines of code)

The framework is covered by a series of blog posts:
Part 1 gave some background
Part 2 looked at some of the alternatives
Part 3 was a general introduction
Part 4 gave an introduction to GDI
Part 5 promoted one form and many dialogs
Part 6 showed how the painting is done
Part 7 discussed how to build an active UI
Part 8 started the walkthrough of the controls
Part 9 covered the ScrollControl base class
Part 10 talked about the ScrollList control
Part 11 was about the ScrollPanel control
Part 12 demonstrated animated navigation
Part 13 showed how to be resolution/orientation aware
Part 14 was the summary of the series

This is some of the screens you can create with this framework:


The beautiful strawberry graphics is from a photo by Tina Phillips /

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